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Who Are We?
Our only claim is that we are
Followers of Jesus.
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Of course lots of people seem to make big claims for themselves about that! The problem is that they all seem to say different things ..... and these days, most of them seem to want some of your money!

So first of all,
We don't want your money!

Everything we have to offer is FREE. We received it for nothing, and Jesus requires that we pass it on at the same price! (Matthew 10:8)

We don't ask you to believe anything we say, just because it is us saying it!

We advise your proper caution. We advise you to deal with God and not us. Sure, we want you to read these lessons. But we also want you to to prayerfully check everything you read on these pages, against the Bible. We want you to hear it from God for yourself. Anything less than that won't help you at all.

If you think we have got it wrong don't listen to us!


Now, just a little about us.

On those occasions when we do need to use a name, we call ourselves

We are a small group of Christians who meet together as a "house church". The fellowship has no denominational ties of any kind. We came into existence as an independent group in 1972, when a few of us found that we needed a new "church home", but could not be comfortable in conventional mainstream churches.

We are of the "THE FAITH OF ABRAHAM", counting ourselves as heirs of God's promises to Abraham, which are fulfilled in Jesus.

We are "Ana-baptist" in our profession, believing that a reasoned adult faith and an intelligent and life changing repentance from sin is an essential pre-requisite to a Biblical "believer's baptism".

We are not exclusive, nor are we so presumptuous or sectarian as to believe that we alone are true Christians. But we do set very high standards, based on a total commitment to follow the teaching of Jesus about the way of life that pleases God.

We have no ambition to establish a new denomination, build an empire, or to own church real estate. We simply believe that God has called us to be where we are, to share our faith and our lives as an extended Christian "family", in a lifestyle which follows Jesus Christ daily, radically and totally.

We have voluntarily committed ourselves to Jesus, and to each other, in the belief that it is practical and possible to obey the Sermon on the Mount, literally and sacrificially, ..... and in the belief that this is THE WAY of life which confers the blessing and happiness contained in the Gospel promises.

We are learning that these are the values of the future Kingdom of God. They are the very heart of God's own nature. They are what Jesus wanted to reveal to us about His Father.

They are the values of the new nature by which God is transforming our hearts and minds to prepare us for eternity.

We invite you to spend some time sharing in the things we have discovered about Jesus and the Kingdom of God.


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Last updated 11 March 2002