HM#073 - APRIL FOOL - HARMLESS FUN? OR SERIOUS SIN?                                                      1 April 2001

April first is the day of the year when many people set out to get a laugh at the expense of the discomfort of others they call "friends".

They do this by first telling them a LIE designed to DECEIVE them into taking some action which will make them look foolish.

Then, when it blows up in their face, every one else who is in on the "joke" laughs ..... and laughs ..... and laughs .....

Is that how you think we should deal with our "friends"?

Is it only a bit of harmless fun? Or is it perhaps something more serious than that?

Check out the list of those who are left outside the City of God, and in the Lake of Fire, in Rev 21:8 and Rev 22:15. The list includes:


Makes you think doesn't it?

Am I just being a "killjoy"? Or is it just possible that God would be more pleased with people who will NOT DECEIVE their friends for any reason at all?

In the light of those verses in Revelation, how do we think God feels about ALL deception? Especially if the deception is deliberately designed to discomfort and embarrass others? Would "April Fool" be included?

Does "April Fool" measure up to the sacrificial love described by Jesus in John 13:34?

Never forget -- The serpent did something quite similar to deceive Eve into eating the fruit in the garden of Eden! And here we all are 6000 years later, still reaping the harvest of that!