John Biddle's Twofold Scripture Catechism (1654)


The Contents
Scripture Catechism

Introductory Notes to this year 2001 Re-type.


Part 1 - Chapters 1 to 5
Chap. 1 Of the holy Scripture, or Word of God.
Chap. 2.  Of God..
Chap. 3.  Of the Creation.
Chap. 4.  Of Christ Jesus.
Chap. 5.  Of the Holy Ghost.

Part 2 - Chapters 6 to 13
Chap. 6.  Of Salvation by Christ.
Chap. 7.  Of Christs Mediation.
Chap. 8.  Of Christs Prophetick Office.
Chap. 9Of Remission of Sins by Christ.
Chap. 10. Of Christs Kingly Office.
Chap. 11. Of Christs Priestly Office.
Chap. 12. Of Christs Death.
Chap. 13. Of the Universality of Gods Love.

Part 3 - Chapters 14 to 18
Chap. 14. Of Christs Resurection ..
Chap. 15. Of Justification and Faith.
Chap. 16. Of keeping the Commandments, and having an
                eye to the Reward of Perfection in vertue and
                godliness to be attained; and of departing from
                righteousness and faith.
Chap. 17. Of the duty of Subjects and Magistrates, Wives
               and Husbands Children and Parents, Servants
               and Masters.
Chap. 18. Of the behaviour of Men and Women in general,
                and in special of Aged Men, Aged Women, 
                Young Women, and Young Men.

Part 4 - Chapters 19 to 24
Chap. 19. Of Prayer.
Chap. 20. Of The Church.
Chap. 21. Of the Government and Disciplin of the 
Chap. 22. Of Baptism.
Chap. 23. Of the Lords Supper.
Chap. 24. Of the Resurrection of the Dead, and the Last 
                Judgement; and what shall be the Final 
                Condition of the Righteous and the Wicked

Part 5 - A Brief Scripture Catechism For Children
Chapters 1 to 10