BIBLE DIGEST - Number 64                                                                                    August 1996

Allon Maxwell

Of course, I do have FIRM convictions about this subject, and my opinion is definitely NOT "Politically Correct"! 
That DOES NOT mean I hate Gays. I do not. (Indeed I disapprove strongly of the prevalent "violent" attitudes expressed by many Christians towards Gays. I consider those violent "Christian" attitudes to be a sin as offensive to God as any other sin!) 

But it certainly does mean that I DO NOT APPROVE of the Gay lifestyle! And it does mean that I will continue to exercise my democratic freedom of speech to say I believe that, unchecked, it will destroy the fabric of our society. 

Jesus did say that His second coming would be at a time when (amongst other things) sexual attitudes in the Earth would be very much like those of ancient Sodom. (Luke 17:28-30) 

At that time, not 10 righteous people could be found to save the city from destruction. 

The sin of Sodom is, of course, not the ONLY sin which excludes its practitioners from the Kingdom of God. There are indeed LOTS of others!!! 

But Jesus Himself, chose THIS ONE for special mention, as one which would become unusually obvious in the "last days", as a sign of God's approaching judgements. 

And it is very apparent that many Churches today, have already begun to align themselves with the "politically correct" attitudes of our times, towards this sin. 

Just try to imagine what it might be like in a world full of cities, in every one of which there are no longer 10 Christians to be found, who will declare Sodomy to be a SIN which GOD hates (AS MUCH AS ANY OTHER). 

Just try to imagine a world full of people, so dedicated to the Sin of Sodom, that God will decide to do again, what He did long ago with Noah's World ..... but this time by FIRE! 

One now regularly hears "Christian" leaders expressing approval for the Gay lifestyle as a legitimate expression of human sexuality. 

Many amongst both leaders and laity, no longer consider the practice of this sin to be a barrier to church membership, or even to the ordination of ministers. 

We are being told that it is time for the Church to "adjust" its values to conform with the prevailing attitudes of our society. 

I HAVE EVEN HEARD IT SAID THAT JESUS WOULD APPROVE! However, one of the great things about God, is that He does not change! His word and His promises are unchangeable! You can trust what He says! 

You can trust that what He approves of, and disapproves of, will be the same today as it always has been! 

And if you do listen carefully to what God says, ..... you ALWAYS know EXACTLY where you stand with God! 

Think about it for a moment. 

Can it possibly be true that on the DAY OF JUDGEMENT there will be TWO standards? 

One standard for all those in past centuries, who listened obediently to what the BIBLE says, and another OPPOSITE standard for those of the 1990s who are more "enlightened"? 

Were Moses and Jesus and Paul, and all the other writers, really so far out of touch with what God thinks about all sexual sin , INCLUDING HOMOSEXUALITY, that they got it so completely wrong? 

Are these 20th century "prophets" to be regarded as MORE RELIABLE, and having MORE AUTHORITY, and a better GRASP OF TRUTH than the Son of God? 

If God's book and God's Son are WRONG about this, how can I ever trust anything else they say? 

(Of course THAT is the real problem isn't it? These modern "prophets" don't seem to believe much of the rest of it either, ..... do they?) 

"Do not be CONFORMED to this world, but be TRANSFORMED by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is the will of God , what is good and acceptable and perfect". (Romans 12:2)