BIBLE DIGEST - Number 56                                                                           November 1995



by Allon Maxwell


It is GUARANTEED to work! ........ AND IT IS FREE! 

However, this FREE LUNCH does come with some special conditions. The conditions are easy to apply ....... but they won't necessarily make everyone happy!

Our fund raising policy is simple. 


Instead of setting budgets, asking for money, or calling in the professional fund raisers, to meet our targets , we concentrate on what we call :-



As far as we know how, we seek God's dominion over our lives, ...... and obedience to God's righteousness ..... as our first and only priority. (Matthew 6:33)


What we have freely received, is freely offered. (Matthew 10:8)


For our finances, we ask God alone , in the secret place, where He alone hears. (Matthew 6:6)


When we do either give or receive, we do not publicise it in any way. (Matthew 6:2-3)

When we do THOSE FOUR THINGS, then we have authority from Jesus to be confident that God WILL provide ALL that is needed. 

(And we can also believe that, no matter how much, or how little is provided, THAT IS ALL that God thinks we need!)

Of course, humanly speaking, this method has its "limitations". (But speaking from God's point of view, ........ does God really have any limitations?)

If we ask in the secret place for a million dollars, for our grand "spiritual" scheme, and God rewards us openly with only 10 cents, we will have to learn to accept that 10 cents is God's valuation of our million dollar project!

In practice, this means that :-

We ask God alone , in the secret place, to supply our needs for all resources required to do WHAT HE WANTS TO DO.

WE leave it in the secret place. We do not "go public" about what we think God needs. (no "deputation meetings", or "newsletters", or "prayer requests"!)

We work within the limits of what is provided in this way. 

We do not commit funds which we do not already have in hand. i.e. We resist the devil's temptations to "ump off the temple", (Matthew 4:5-7) 

We do not borrow, or run an overdraft, to do God's work. (Some would call that lack of "faith". We think that we are rejecting just one more subtle form of covetousness! )

We do not canvas members (or non members!) to remember us in their wills. That also is covetousness .

We do not set long term goals, which would require ?faith pledges?, or continual preaching about "giving to the Lord's work".

We do not try to raise money by investing (gambling?) God's money in the share market, The "best" investments are all usually linked in some way, to things that God condemns. 

And in public companies, the policies are decided by the unbelieving majority of the shareholders. We call that "unequally yoked with unbelievers". 

We do not accept even unsolicited offers of loans from any source. God's kingdom does not run on borrowed money!

We do not accept gifts from sources which we know are tainted by sin. e.g dividends from companies engaged in arms production, cigarette manufacture, etc., etc., or proceeds of gambling, prostitution, theft, tax evasion etc., etc.. 

God, who owns the cattle on a thousand hills, is more than able to provide from resources which are not corrupted by the mark of the Devil's kingdom!!

We obtained this Financial Policy from the teachings of Jesus.

We have put it to the test, and we are here to assure you that it is NEVER impractical or impossible!

All we have to do to make it work, is match our goals to God's provision! .... (not ask God to meet our goals!)

If there is any "shortfall", We do not call in the FUND RAISERS to make up the "shortfall" in God's provision. 

The problem does not lie in any inadequacy in God's provision.

If WE start with the assumption that God got it right , we will be free to admit that the real source of the problem is the spiritual inadequacy of OUR prayers which produced the "plan". 

(If our hearts were a little purer, our "spiritual hearing" would be a lot clearer!).

Instead, If God is slow to provide, then WE ALSO go slow. (or shut down!)

If the Lord is not building the house, it is better not built at all.

Many churches and para-church organisations seem to regard this policy as "impractical" for these last years of the 20th century. 

Indeed, to listen to some of them, you could easily gain the impression that God will be declared bankrupt, TOMORROW, unless we all give to their "indispensable" project TODAY! And they can produce all sorts of clever "spiritual arguments" to justify what they do, and explain away what Jesus said.

Of course if men had always done just as Jesus said, then maybe some of our famous cathedrals would never have been built.

And if today, WE all did just as Jesus said, some church building plans would fail, and some really big "Christian Works" might have to close!

What an "interesting" possibility!!!

The wise will listen carefully to Jesus and understand that nothing less than obedience to ALL of His teaching, can truthfully proclaim Him as LORD. 

That includes what He said about THIS subject.