BIBLE DIGEST - Number49A                                                              January 1995


In Europe, England and America

by Allon Maxwell


This supplement to Bible Digest Number 49 lists the various sources in which I found the condensed history contained in that paper. Much of it is now out of print and probably hard to locate, especially the sources mentioned for the history of the Disciples of Christ. In particular, I express my thanks to Don Prout, who kindly lent me most of those references which deal specifically with the history of the Disciples, from his own personal collection.

Update November 2001

A supplementary list has been appended which includes new sources found since the original paper was written in 1994.


1. Encyclopedia Britannica, 15th Edition.

2. Abbot, B.A. The Disciples - An Interpretation,

Bethany Press, St Louis, MO, 1924.

3. Clark, Elmer T. The Small Sects of America,

Abingdon Press, New York, 1949.

4. Davis, M.M. How the Disciples Began and Grew,

Standard Publishing Co., Cincinnati OH, Undated, c.1920?

5. Estep, William R. The Anabaptist Story,

William B. Eerdmans, Grand Rapids Michigan, 1987.

6. Eyre, Alan The Protestors, ( 1)

The Christadelphian, Birmingham, England, 1985.

7. Eyre, Alan Brethren in Christ, (1)

Christadelphian Study Service, Adelaide, Australia, 1982.

8. Gore, T.J., (Editor) That They May All Be One,

Austral Publishing, Melbourne, Australia, c.1910.

9. Rees, Thomas English Translation of the Racovian Catechism, 1818

Reprinted by Christian Educational Services,
P.O. Box 30336, Indianapolis, IN 46230, 1994.
(Contains about 90 pages of historical introduction)

10. Roberts-Thompson, E. Baptists and the Disciples of Christ,

Carey Kingsgate Press, London, England, c. late 1940s?

11. Roper, David, Voices Crying the Wilderness,

Restoration Publications, Adelaide, Australia, 1979.

12. Ross, Bob L., Campbellism, Its History and Heresies,

Pilgrim Publications, Pasadena Texas, 1973.

13. Schaff, Phillip, History of the Christian Church, (8 Vols.)

Reprinted, Eerdmans, 1991.

14. Wilbur, Earl Morse, A History of Unitarianism,

in Transylvania, England and America,

Harvard University Press, 1952.

(This section added November/December 2001)

1. Biddle, John A Twofold Catechism

London , Printed by J Cottrel , for Ri. Moone , at
the seven stars in Paul's Church-yard, neer
the great North-door. 1654
Note-- Only two copies of the original are known to exist. I was able to obtain a photocopy of one of these.
A year 2001 retype of this document is available on Line at:

2. McHaffie, Ruth Brethren Indeed

Published by the Author, 2001
176 Granton Road, Edinburgh, EH5 1AH, Scotland

3. McHaffie, Ruth Finding Founders and Facing Facts

Published by the Author, 2001
176 Granton Road, Edinburgh, EH5 1AH, Scotland

4. Servetus, Michael The Two Treatises of Servetus on the Trinity

(Translated by Earl Morse Wilbur)
Harvard Theolgical Studies Number XVI
Harvard University Press, 1932

Note -- this is long out of print, and was prohibitively expensive second hand -- but the local Public Library was able to arrange an Inter-library loan from the State Public Library of Victoria.

Books 6 & 7 of “The Errors of the Trinity”, were found on line at:

5. Wilbur, Earl Morse The History of Unitarianism,

Socinianism and its Antecedents
Cambridge, 1945

6. Williams, George Hunston The Radical Reformation

The Westminster Press, 1972


1. The two books by Ruth McHaffie contain a devastating exposure of a very large number of serious inaccuracies in Alan Eyre's two books. Ruth's conclusions indicate the need for great care about using Alan's works as source material for serious history study.