Why Christianity?

You will have noticed already that this page has a strong Christian emphasis.
If reading about Christianity offends you ......


You are FREE to exercise your freedom of choice!!!!
You don't have to read the Christian stuff, if you don't want to.
I understand completely. There is a lot of other stuff out there on the Internet that
     some of you insist on exercising your "freedom" to read, which I don't want to read
     at all. So I don't! (And I don't want my grandkids to read it either!!!!)
But, if you do read some of the Christian stuff you find here, it just might help you with
     life, much, much more than some of those "adult" things some of you find on the "net".
Check it out!

The Bible has many stories about HUMAN "impossibilities", which proved to be NOT AT ALL impossible for God. Which is why this Web Site is here.

The angel was right when he told Mary that, with God, NOTHING is  impossible.
What the angel meant at the time, was that NOT EVEN A VIRGIN BIRTH is
Some people seem to have trouble with that, but seriously speaking, it makes a lot
     more sense to ask......   Why should it be impossible?

Certainly, it was unique. But in God's domain, "unique" is not nearly the same as
     impossible. The whole of the Creation process is made up of MANY unique events,
     by which God made the WHOLE CREATION out of things which are invisible to our
     tiny human vision.
None of those incredible creation events are impossible! After all, whatever they
     were exactly, they actually did happen, and we are all here to prove it!!
It would actually be much more impossible for it all to happen without God!!!!

Which is why we established this Web Site.
We are here to tell about our God and His miraculously conceived, virgin born, human Son.
     We are here to say that :-
     Jesus is the human SON OF GOD and that JESUS IS LORD


A thought to take away:

If everyone (including Christians!) actually started to do EXACTLY what Jesus said,
     this world's "IMPOSSIBLE" problems would go away! .....THEY WOULD!!!!


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